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Nov. 5

omg yesterday was awsome. me and dez almost walked on a bird and with dez screaming and an old guy going "are you girls ok". then waiting outside the bus before the concert with this girl with a spot on the back of her pants. Dez wearing my purple fuzzy scarf at dinner and making these weird expressions. Me putting my eye shadow on all weird and looking like a clown. Me and dez making our stomachs talk to eachother. Me screaming tay tay all deep and freaking out these girls. Dez checking herself out in the mirror. Ike with the weird expressions when playing guitar. When the staff dude came and signed things and me getting one and saying that he looks like napoleon. Then him going i did the bike scene and dez going HECK YES! me and dez's boobs touching. Me licking the bus and dez making sexy poses against it. Dez kicking the girls ass at the show. these two weird girls dancing and singing waiting for hanson to come out. OMG dez's hotel. that was such a dump. it was worse than like homeless peoples places. Zac saying "Don't you think I should get to know you better before I give you a hug" to this fat girl.
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