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so i went to the school play today called "Fools". it was fantastic. Two seniors who played in it that i love were Glenn and Aaron. they are fantastic. i wanna hug them. they are amazing. There was this freshmen girl who was one of the main roles and you would expect that she would be bad compared to glenn and aaron who have been doing this for years but she was wicked good. Im so getting glenns and aarons autograph on monday. they are some of my idols.

i found out... well i knew for a while but i found out how bad my friends mom is. She has MS and shes getting treated for it with the stuff they use with cancer patients. and shes loosing her hair and feeling awful. and my friend knows that her mom has it but i dont think she knows how bad it is. i dont even think her class mates even know what shes going through. my friend can hide things easily but deep down i know shes really hurting cause her parents got divorced and me and my friend were talking today about her and we were thinking that her boyfriend is just using her and our friend thinks hes the greatest guy. but i think once he dumps her shes gonna be so hurt. i just feel so bad for her.

Then i found out that my friends grandmother has cancer. i dont know how bad it is or anything. my mom told me it a little while ago. so i hope her grandmother can get better soon and as fast as possible.

My dad found out that his cousin who lived in finland died. i dont think he was close with him but you know its sad.

the other day IM brian, the guy i used to like and now is going out with this ugly girl and shes so annoying. well when i IMed him he was like fuck off cause i dont feel like dealing with annoying people like you. and i didnt do anything. Im just sick of people like him. I cant deal with it. It just bothers me and i cant take it

I think i turned bi. I dont go after women and go omg shes so hot but i dont mind making out with them or anything and i also hate how people just judge people that are gays, lezbos or bi. i dont like it at all. it takes a lot to bother me...well depends who you are but in general thats one thing that really bothers me.

I feel like i cant really relate to anyone anymore. I can relate to Dez and my friend Ally. dez is always there for me no matter what and ally shes amazing. me and her can laugh and joke and she wont judge me. and i feel the same about dez to.

i guess im just venting all this out cause i feel so stressed and hurt a bit and all these things happening to friends and their family members are just killing me inside. i feel like no one expect a couple people actually care what i think and how i feel and shit. im starting to feel fed up about giving advise to people. i dont mind in general but its kind of hard when your best friend lives three hours away and you cant see her and i can get so overwhelmed easily. i guess i should just start worrying about myself more. cause i havent really.

Thats it for now.
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